Xiaomi Mi 6 Official Theme Song Released – "Only One" By Jiang Han

The initial official English theme song of a Xiaomi mobile phone has actually been released. First uploaded by '@MIUI authorities on Weibo,' the tune is not only wonderful, but the verses are stunning. What's more surprising is that the lyrics match the summary of Xiaomi Mi 6 flawlessly. The track called 'Just one' is made up as well as sung by a Chinese singer 'Jiang Han.'

Below's the video clip of the signature tune:

Moreover, the style of Xiaomi Mi 6 is based on its older brothers 'Xiaomi Mi 5' and 'Xiaomi Mi Fives', however there's a lot of optimization performed in bringing more worth as well as costs sensation out of the phone. The glass and ceramic frameworks have an incredible representation and the good news is the tune also discusses it.

Below are the verses of the track:

So, how's the signature tune of Xiaomi Mi 6? Did you like it? Make certain to comment!

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