How To Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi 6 | How To Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi 6 - Xiaomi have implemented new ways to unlock your bootloader and a lot of people are experience issues unlocking the bootloader.

Below is the steps to unlock your Mi 6 Bootloader.

Step 1:
Login to your Mi Account. Ensure that your mi account is synced.

Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi 6Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi 6

Step 2:
Click on settings > About Phone> Tap on MIUI Version for 4-5 Times and you will see a Toast message saying that you have enable developer mode.

Step 3:
On settings, select Additional Settings.

Step 4:
Select Developer Options.

Step 5:
Scroll Down and select Mi Unlock Status

Step 6:
Once you're on this page select Add Account and Device.

Once you have pressed it, it will start to associate your mi account to your phone to unlock the bootloader

Once it's done, you will receive this message.

Step 7:
Download Mi Unlock Here and launch the program. Click Agree. 

Login the Mi Account that you have linked with your phone previously and you will see this screen.

Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi 6

Step 8: 
Hold Power + Vol Down Button to enable fastboot mode on your phone

Step 9:
Plug in your phone to your computer and wait for it to detect the phone. Once done click unlock and when it's done just click reboot and your device bootloader is unlocked!

Common Errors:

If you encounter this issue, you need to wait for the time stated on the program and after that you can unlock already.

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