Nikon D7200 surprise for photography enthusiast

If you have plans to buy anew digital SLR camera, then you need to consider a new camerato be launched by Canon competitor, the NikonD7200. This camera is the successor to forget the D7100, and according to the hot news on the Internet, this new Nikon will be strengthened with features likeRAW buffer is atleast a triple-sized, AF-ON buttonand enhanced video.  
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Are you ready? According to Nikon Rumors, they expect a newD7200 to be releasedsometime this year. Most likely after the summer, possibly at Photokina in September 2014.

Along with the launch of D7200, Nikon also rumored to also be releasing lens DX f/1.8 zoom lensto compete with the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. The 1.8lens zooms issuedawesome Sigma known, and less noticed by Nikon and Canon, so if Nikonwill make a similar lens, the Nikon lovers will bewelcomed with enthusiasm.

 How about you?

The only way a D7200 might happen this year has to do with the D300s. The D7100 is still an advanced amateur Dx camera, while the D300 is a professional Dx camera. However, Nikon released the D7100 last year as the supposed replacement for both the D7000 and D300s. The D7200 will be the pro version of the D7100. If it is, GPS and Wi-Fi will not likely be built-in as those are more consumer-level wants than professional - especially given you can already buy those options as modules. Nikon D7200 would likely be significantly more expensive so it might not obsolete the D7100, but rather be the professional version of the D7100.

Rumors about the launch of the Nikon D7200 has lastedquite a long time on the Internet, and ifCanon had set up a similar but more sophisticated cameras to rival Nikon D7200? There has been no official word from Canon, whether Canon willalso immediately prepare a better product, so the photography enthusiastshave a choice.

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Expectations of photography lovers atevery rumor istrue how will they find, if the Nikon D7200 actually launched in September 2014, or could have been launched earlier, for example, in mid-2014. They do not want to buya new camera like the D7200, if not no significant changes. They also would be disappointed if thesuccessor D7100 sold at high prices.

With the economic crisis that has not been recovered in the United States and Europe, it is possible that the beginner will buya camera from the previous series, and they will focus to invest in additional lenses, so theycan still make creativepictures, it can even make money out of the business of photography, for example, be a photographerfor weddings or business events. They may also be trying to try the opportunity tosell their photos online.

The photography enthusiasts often annoyedbecause the latest cameras are meant to be the successor to the previous generation was only a slight change, so it is not much different from the previous generation cameras. Creativity and innovationin camera factory engineers need to work harder to deliver new surprises, for example, focuson speed, notonly improves the resolution of the camera sensor, even if the need to add new features that are unique and do not exist on any camera. We expect the Nikon D7200will also be more satisfying, so that it can compete withother DSLR cameras, even should beable to compete with the sophistication of a variety of new mirrorless cameras.

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