Xiaomi Brought Mi VR Play 2 to the Market

Xiaomi Brought Mi VR Play 2 to the Market - In 2015 Xiaomi signed up with the VR-trend presenting 2 versions of virtual reality glasses of its very own. A smartphone-based Mi VR Play came in first extremely looking like Google Cardboard. It was later followed by an advanced Mi VR that additionally needed a phone to function, however it was a whole new box of techniques and also shipped with a push-button control.

We would certainly really hope the following Mi VR-headset would certainly be a self-contained one, since people already do that, yet Xiaomi would be among the very first to offer a device like that for a sensible cost. Evidently that is something without any problems to do so the business determined to walk the beaten track and also make something everyone would definitely like.

This is Mi VR Play 2 as well as there is in fact nothing that identifies it from the very first generation in regards to equipment. Only a few style elements were altered that made the headset lighter and also extra fine-tuned.

The new headset got a pill-shaped front as well as a strong cotton covering called "dragon's cloth". The part resting on your face has a soft extra padding with little holes all across for much better cooling when you wear it for a long period of time. Xiaomi ditched a zipper in an area where the mobile phone is put and also added a clip-button rather that, as reported, makes putting as well as getting rid of the smart device less complicated and also safeguards the gadget well.

Mi Virtual Reality Play 2 steps 129 × 191 × 120 mm and also weighs 183 grams. It is compatible with 4.7 up to 5.7-inched smartphone as well as provides 1080p resolution for each and every eye, possesses high refresh rate and 93-degree field of vision.

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