How to Get Started with Xiaomi Mi Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drone has been finally unveiled in two versions: the 4K version and the 1080P version with the cost that is similar to the price of a mobile phone. With its affordable price, it gives an affordable chance for those people who want to experience the joy of flying a drone, which used to be an expensive experience. If you are one of those lucky people who owns one of Xiaomi Mi Drone, it must be exciting to know all about flying your Mi drone. Here, in this tutorial, we’d like to tell you everything you need to know if you want to start using Xiaomi Mi Drone.

Preparation to get started with Xiaomi Mi Drone

Before you step forward to the instructional guide of flying your Mi drone, it is better for you to get the drone ready for a flight. After you assembled each part as they should be, it is very recommended for you to know every detail of the drone as well as their functions. If you are ready with that, now it is time to charge the quadcopter battery to give it enough power for its first flight. Here are some important points when you are charging the quadcopter:
  • Connect the battery with a power adapter and plug it into a power supply.
  • During charging indicator blinks to indicate a current charge level. After full charging lamp does not lit.
  • Connect the remote control adapter.
  • During the charging indicator blinks to indicate the current charge level.
  • After full charging lamp does not lit.
Make sure both quadcopter and the remote control has been charged 100% before starting the first flight. Now, let’s see how to assemble Xiaomi Mi Drone:

Assembling Xiaomi Mi Drone for the first use

1. Landing gears
Put down landing gears until it clicks, then they will fix on one position. Please note that landing gears have an embedded compass, therefore it is important to make sure to install and fix them properly. If you want to switch of landing gears, simply unlock landing gears using a special switch, then remove them from the device.
2. Battery
Using force, insert a battery in until it clicks. If you want to remove the battery from the device, what you need to do is to press down lower switch of a battery. Remove a battery, using force.
3. Protective covers
Use screws and a screwdriver to install protective covers. Each protective cover needs two screws to install it.
4. Propeller
Set propeller according to colored labels on them. Secure the propeller scrolling aside its image of a closed lock. In flight, propellers can automatically scroll. Make sure its strongly fixed. If you want to disassemble the propeller, please use a wrench that comes with the kit to clamp the motor and blades pit aside an image of an open lock. If there is an unexpected incident that damage the propeller, replace it immediately for efficient and safe flight.

Assembling Remote Control for the first use of Xiaomi Mi Drone

If the quadcopter is ready, now let’s get the remote control ready to control the quadcopter by placing the antennas of remote control and pay attention to the following points:
  1. Antenna rotates only within 270 degrees. Gently rotate it, not to break it.
  2. For a more stable signal point remote antennas toward the quadcopter.
After that, we need to put on the smartphone on the available dock by following the steps below:
  1. Pull out smartphone dock.
  2. Firmly place the phone in its dock. Don’t forget to ensure that the bottom edge of the lock doesn’t presses buttons of a phone.
  3. Open bottom panel of the remote control.
  4. Connect your phone to the remote control via a USB cable.
  5. According to guidelines of Mi Drone App, create a connection between devices, make control settings and update firmware.
Please remember that you get a Micro USB cable with the device. Other means of communication are not included as standard. It is also possible for some phones do not fit the dock because of their size. Overall, after getting ready with the quadcopter and its remote control, you can now step to the next tutorial to experience the first flight with Xiaomi Mi Drone.

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