10 Tips and Tricks for Your Cool Smartphone Photography

The Easy Tricks of Smartphone Photography

Smartphone photography is the key to a dramatic photo with a camera phone. Today, we can always impress people from all over the world with our photos. We can share our everyday life easily and instantly. Even, we can give some inspirations only by posting a picture. For specific accounts like beauty products, for instance, the photography technique should be advanced. The detail picture and the best angles will show the different results. 

smartphone photography
Most people feel that photography is a not a complicated matter. Commoners do not understand why people should hire a professional photographer while everyone can hit the button on a camera. Is it truly that easy to take a good photo? The answer is definitely no. There are a series of complex skills that we have to use just to create one single photo. Besides, we have to work with a momentum. It is the right timing that often makes photos look so much drama. We often see some photos that look like telling a memorable history. That photo was extraordinarily taken at the right time and the best angle. Therefore, people should learn a lot to snap a wonderful picture. 

Besides lighting and the composition rules, professional photographers also need to capture the best expression. Sometimes, the skills of photography cannot be obtained from a book. People have to learn everything from the experience. Yet, we can learn how to take photos with a dramatic look at some recommendations. 

Tips and Tricks for Cool Smartphone Photography

Now, let’s learn how to make our photos more awesome. Here are the tips for smartphone photography that we can start to apply. 
  1. Get Informed with the Camera Setting
When we are keen on making our photos look cool and beautiful, we have to set the camera perfectly. We cannot rely on the default mode. Therefore, sometimes, we will need to take our time before capturing an object with smartphone photography rules. Or, we can also take many snaps with different camera modes. Different phones will have a different focus, exposure, white balance, and of course Iso. 
  1. Set the Resolution
We need to set a high resolution for all photos because we might need to crop and edit the results.
  1. Back lenses matter
We need to optimize the back lens and use it well. Smartphones photography is more than just a selfie. 
  1. Tripods, yes or no?
Most of the time, tripods will get our back. So, we have to keep one. 
  1. Set the Lighting
We do need to use natural lighting. However, if it is impossible to get it, we need to come toward the lighting source indoor. 
  1. Photography Composition
The best photos are the ones taken with the right composition. We can apply the rule of third to create dramatic photos. 
  1. Wise in Using Panorama
Not every single scenery object requires panorama mode. So, we need to use it with a sense of art. 
  1. Mind the Texture
When taking a special object, we have to think about choosing the right texture for the finishing result. 
  1. Color Rules
Besides the lighting and composition, we have to make a picture standout by creating a good and balance colors inside the photo.

10. Use editing app

After all, we will need to use an editing application to make our smartphone photography picture more flawless.

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