Latest Tech News: What’s New on Whatsapp?

The Latest Tech News Featuring Whatsapp

In the latest tech news, Whatsapp always plays a superstar role. Whatsapp makes our life so easy to handle. We can communicate easily with a fast and user-friendly app with Whatsapp. Besides, we can create a group and share anything without problems. If we do not want to talk with some people, we can block them as well. Besides, we can enjoy communication without seeing people update their statuses. Indeed, we can still write some statuses in our Whatsapp account. Yet, it will not be a core of entertainment in the application.

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Whatsapp turns out to be the most comfortable communication services. We do not have to get stressed with a slow app. Also, we do not have to see the advertisements. This is one of the most important things in Whatsapp. We will not see any pop-up ads while receiving a text. Besides, we do not have to click some advertisements before opening the apps. Our life will not be that distracted as we do not see many advertisements and clickbait sites in the app. The latest tech news even says that Whatsapp is now featured in beta with stable versions. That will make our chat runs more smoothly.

While other chatting applications are created for youngsters, Whatsapp is created for families and professional uses. Indeed, it can be used for people with various age. The easy applications are suitable for young and senior users. Yet, there are no too much emoticons and stickers to use. So, we can say that Whatsapp is as simple as that. However, Whatsapp keeps improving its application services for providing a better function. The latest tech news publishes some new and advanced updates in Whatsapp.

What’s New on Whatsapp

  1. Delete for Everyone
This is a totally cool idea. We will be able to delete the text that we have sent to someone or a group. So, when a text contains too much error or when the senders want to take it back, they can always delete it. So, the embarrasing text will no longer be a big trouble. This is introduced along with the blue ticks system. However, receivers can still retrieve sent messages that have been deleted.
  1. New Revamped Status Feature
This feature is launched for combatting Snapchat services. Users will be able to update their status with multiple photos and even videos. The status will disappear in 24 hours.
  1. Media Sharing Limit
The media sharing limit was 10. Today, we can share up to 30 media.
  1. In-App Youtube Playback
This is a surely awesome new thing in Whatsapp. We do not have to leave the application to play a Youtube video.
  1. Two-Step Verification
This is made so users will be more secured. When a user installs the app on a new device, they need to enter the passcode.
  1. Whatsapp for iPhone
The applications run on Android smoothly. Since January, iPhone users can also use the fabulous chatting apps.

There are many others latest tech news on Whatsapp that we can follow. We will update the information in the next articles.

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