Top 5 Countries with The Biggest Users of Smarphone

The Dramatic Improvement of Smartphone Users Numbers

Smartphone users keep improving in numbers and age in the entire planet. We have heard that Einstein once said that there will be a technology that surpasses human interaction, that will be a generation of the idiot. It seems that Albert Einstein is totally correct. Today, people tend to watch and hold their smartphones more than talk to people. Besides, it is now normal to attract people through the social media than to appear nice in real life. The world has changed so much since the smartphones with the features and applications are created.

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Is it now possible to see people have a talk in a waiting room or a bus stop? People will love to scroll down their timelines than to have a chat with strangers. Sometimes, kind people try hard to ice-break with people while sitting in a cafe shop or in any other places. However, not all people will react normally. Because of the rare occasion of strangers talking in public places, some people feel reluctant to have a chat. This a big problem in our social life.

However, the phenomena of smartphones have provided huge positive impacts on human life. We can now communicate with people in different continents realtime with video call services. It was predicted in old movies that people can communicate through a screen. Today, that is so much possible. Besides, smartphones handle various tasks within several taps only. People can get the update information right from the sources only by opening their phone. Smartphone users can even sign a contract without leaving the comfort of their home or office. Therefore, the users of smartphone keep increasing in numbers. Many more people use the smart gadgets each year. Now, let’s check the top countries or smartphone users.

Top 5 Countries with The Biggest Users of Smartphone

Ever since the public payphone booths in New York are changed into Wi-Fi hotspots, the way the world communicates is totally changed. In 2015, smartphone users had reached 200 million people around the world. The number of smartphone subscription keeps improving in Arab and African countries because of the development of the network in those areas. Besides, developing countries even use more smartphones. The best countries do not mean to be the top rank in smartphone users. Based on the country rank, Germany is the on the first rank. Meanwhile, 60% of Germany population are smartphone users.

The highest rank for the smartphone users in South Korea. 88% of South Koreans use smartphones. When we are in South Korea, it will be hard to see people without a smartphone. Even the poor people in that country have a good quality smartphone. The second rank is Australia. 77% of Australians user smartphones. Next, Isreal is in the third position with 74% of smartphone users. The USA is in the fourth rank with 72% smartphone users. Number 5 is Spain with 71% of the population are smartphone users.  

We can summarize the rank of smartphone users as follow:
  1. South Korea (88%)
  2. Australia (77%)
  3. Israel (74%)
  4. USA (72%)
  5. Spain (71%)

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