10 Best smartphone in the World 2017

The Brief Review of the Best Smartphone in the World

The best smartphone in the world might not be the best phone for you. Why is it so? Because there are many criteria for good quality smartphones. Besides, the best phones are not the ones with the more completed features. People will feel contented with the phones that can give the best functions for their needs. So, it is important to reveal the best list of the best smartphones along with the features’ information.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

the best smartphone in the world

This smartphone has a killer big screen. Besides, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a very vibrant display. It is a stylish phone for taking notes and various other corporate tasks. The design is luxurious with new metal and glass appearance. This phone is offered for 588 USD.

9. ZTE Axon 7

ZTE is not an ordinary Chinese smartphone brand. This smartphone is a great brand that offers smartphones with excellent features at low prices. The cost 250 USD less than other big names in smartphone industries. The Axon 7 has excellent specs and it is not a bad idea to choose this phone. This is one of the best smartphone series that costs only 400 USD.

8. LG V20

This is the best smartphone in the world that works awesome for shortcuts to applications. Besides, it gives a good control to music applications. When the screen is locked, users can still control the music playlist on their phone. The camera and physical design are excellent as well. This is the phone for entertainment lovers. It is offered for 560 USD.

7. HTC 10

This smartphone is pretty. The body of the smartphone is carefully-built. We can get it for 600 USD.

6. Moto Z

This is the phone that represents the modern, futuristic, and best smartphone in the world. It is gorgeous with its thin casing and awesome functions. The price is started at 720 USD.

5. Huawei Mate 9

This smartphone has a giant 5.9 inch display. What is so special is the amazing battery life. We can also rely on this phone for the fast works. The price is around 600 USD.

4. OnePlus 3T

This is one best smartphone in the world that comes from a non-popular brand. But the features and works are totally awesome. The minus point is the average quality of the front camera. The rate is around 440 USD.

3. iPhone SE

iPhone is always a guarantee for a great quality smartphone. This phone is not so big but the quality is excellent. The rate is only around 400 USD and it has the premium features such as fingerprint sensor.

2. iPhone 6S

Another excellent phone from iPhone is here. This phone will not be disappointing for the features, speed, and designs. The price is around 500 USD.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

This is the phone that can answer almost all needs. Users will love the fancy designs and the speed as well. Surprisingly, it is offered under 500 USD only.

That is the list of the best smartphone in the world that will suit every user.

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