7 Cool Ideas for Smartphone Photography

These Cool Ideas of Smartphone Photography will Make Your Photos Fantastic!

Smarphone Photography is now more than a trend. Photography is always an exciting case for our life. The world never feels enough with the ideas in photography. Even, many trends are created so people can take more pictures. In the past, people only took pictures when important occasions occur. Today, we can snap pictures at any time. Besides, we need to make any events important. For instance, we need to take beautiful pictures for pre wedding. In the wedding ceremony and party, the photography techniques should be a lot better than the ordinary photos. Also, we have social media where photos are taken into a serious task.

smartphone photography

Today, we can use our smartphone for replacing our wallet because we can use it for payment. Google pay and other systems can be managed right from the smartphone. Besides, we can use our phone as a light switch. We can now use it more than just a flash light. The technology of the latest smartphone enables us to use it for turning on lights. Also, we can use our smartphone for running alarm systems. We might never guess that our phone can do more than just to wake us up in the morning. The system can also control alarm and surveilance system in our home and office. Even, smartphone can help us to open many doors automatically. So, we can say that our mobile phone can work well to replace key.

Smartphone is also a superb device to replace cameras. We can actually find many good cameras for smartphone for creating dramatic photos. However, we will not be able to upload the photos directly to the social media accounts. That will be a huge stumble. If we do the photography for a printed album, professional camera is a good option. However, if we do the picture for both beauty and social media albums, we need to use a good camera phone. Additionally, we will need to use cool ideas to improve the results of our smarphone photography.

7 Cool Ideas for Smartphone Photography

  1. Make use the Panorama Sequence

It will be cool to snap a picture with a model moving to different part of the scene as we move the camera with panorama sequence.

  1. Drive-By Pano Feature

The picture will look wonderufl to take it from the window of a moving car or other vehicles.

  1. Zooming lens

Binoculars as a zoom lens can make pictures more dramatic.

  1. Utilizing Macro Lens

We can do the macro effect by placing a small drop of water on the lens.

  1. Use Reflector Lighting

The best lighting is the key of wonderful picture. We can create a better lighting the with reflector. A car coil screen will do.

  1. We do need a tripod

Using a simple tripod that we make out of cardboard can create a better photo as we can reduce the camera shake.

  1. Underwater Housing Effects

We can do this by placing the smartphone in a clear glass.

Smarphone Photography techniques will make the results more dramatic and cool at the same time.

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