7 Most Used Application in US 2017

Have You Applied These Most Used Application in Your Android?

Applications on smartphone make life easier. There are hundreds of applications especially for Android that can be used to help the users in ease their activities. These application can assist you in maximize the use of the Android you have. And finally, those 7 applications are the most used applications in 2017:

1.Google Drive Suite

most used application
By installing Google Drive Suite, the users can get 15GB for free permanent storage. If the users need more, they can pay for the additional space they need. This application is already embedded other Google applications, such as Google Sheets, Google Keep, Google Photos, Google Slides,  Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

2. YouTube

You can listen to any music you want and can upload any videos you want to share with the world. In addition, you can also watch the latest news from YouTube. On the other hand, if you want to earn money from internet, you can also use YouTube as the account in which you can earn money from Google AdSense. The best one is that it’s all easy and free!

3.Google Maps

No need to worry when you have to travel to places you has never visited before. You can access traffic data, direction, also the duration you need to reach your destination. This is an excellence navigation application you can ever have!

4.Nova Launcher

This is a free launcher you can have. This application is able to back up and restore your home screen set ups. It also is able to icon theme all of your android applications. Furthermore, you can make it like Pixel Launcher and when you go premium, you can unread count badges for applications and icon swipe actions. This application is really good!


This application can do so many things that allow you to do many things. Just install it to your Android phone and you can then know how useful this application for you!


To-do-list is one most favorite application users can have. This helps you to lighten your memory and organize your daily life. This application has recurring tasks, multi-platform support, material design, and Android support. If you are one of those who depend on this application you must install this awesome application!


If you need a simple design of weather application, 1Weather can be the solution. You can have customizable widget and standard stuff like weather notifications and radar. This will make you more aware of what is approaching. To get the full version application, you need $ 1.99. By getting the premium version, you can use this application without being interrupted by any advertising banners.

So, how many applications you have installed in your Android phone? Or, you even have no one of those cool applications? Try some of them and enjoy these most used applications of Android in 2017. Make sure that you purchase to get the full version of some application above!

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