7 Popular New Technology 2017

New Technology that Changes Human Race

The world always gets fascinated when it for a new technology. The technology is something that brings a better life for human life. Indeed, some technology has side effects. But, there will be no improvements in life without the invention of new technology.

new technology

Many spectacular ideas in this modern life and even from the past ages require technology. We are even still debating about the technology utilized in building the Great Pyramid in Egypt. We still love to talk about the technology that enables people to build the Hanging park of Babylon. Today, amazing technology has created skyscrapers, mobile systems, visual graphics animation, and many spectacular products in the entertainment world.

Each year, new technology provides better improvement for human life. The world is now reachable thanks to the advanced systems of mobile communication technology. Besides, we can now run business easily without wasting our time in a crowded street on the way to the office. We can do anything just online through the smartphone technology. Even, we can now control various things at home only from our smartphones.

This year, there are many new technology products that change our lives significantly. 

Here is the list of 7 Popular New Technology 2017:

  1. Space X Falcon
We have to give a big applause for this kind of technology. We might forget to appreciate this big invention because of the spectacular usage of smartphones. This Space X Falcon 9 rocket makes its successful upright landing on the drone-ship. This airship innovation is a giant step for a more advanced improvement in outer space exploration.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S 8
Well, Samsung is always there when we talk about technology, invention, and mobile systems. Even, Samsung is always listed as one of the best innovation in new technology that improves the quality of human life. This phone even beats the previous Samsung product for its amazing big screen, battery life, and of course the camera.
  1. Snapchat Spectacles
Perhaps, this is the coolest invention of gadget in 2017. The spectacles design looks cute and fashionable. People can use it with the easy setup process. The video quality is good-enough for its beautiful look. People can appear stylish while using the technology of Snapchat.
  1. Here One
This new technology enables users to only hear one voice that they wish to hear. The promise by Doppler Labs let users manipulate the sounds by onboard microphones and sound processors. This device simply quiets the general background noise.
  1. Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel
This is a robotic bike wheel that pedestrians all over the world are waiting for. It can ride up to 2o miles per hour.
  1. LG Signature W-Series
This product is famous for its Wallpaper TV quality. This creation combines a good quality entertainment device and home decor. It will show fantastic TV shows with the bright screens. Besides, it looks cool to fit the decoration of our living room.
  1. eSight 3

This is a gadget with new technology that offers a problem solver for more important and higher order. This technology enables blind people to navigate various devices via a combined high-definition camera and video display.

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