Best Camera Phone 2017

Camera Phone for the Stylish and Demanding Life

There is various camera phone series with a good quality camera today. The world loves to take selfies. Therefore, it is now easy to find camera phone on the market. However, camera phone usually has some weaknesses. Some good camera phones have good quality snappers on the back. However, the phones usually lower quality front cameras for selfies. There are now camera phones that have excellent back and front cameras. Yet, the other features might be low.

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The best camera phone is not always the one that has a camera with huge megapixel quality. It should manage shakes well. This is so because we tend to take rapid snaps with smartphones. We don’t usually take it too long and snaps many photos to choose before uploading. Besides, the camera should perform high-quality pictures with any lighting. Most of the time, we cannot create good photograph because of the poor lighting. Yet, a good camera phone will handle that well.

Before buying a camera phone, we need to think what we really search for from a camera phone. We need to find the perfect phone with a good flash if we want to take photos mostly indoor. If we will use the camera phone for outdoor usage, lighting does not matter. Also, we need to think about the battery capacity and screen quality at the same time. Indeed, the camera phone needs to have a bright picture result. In order to produce the beautiful pictures, smartphones have to work hard. The flash and other features much battery power. In addition, we need to a phone with good screen width and quality to check the picture results. If we are searching for a smart camera phone, we will need one with excellent battery fo long photography sessions.

Here are 7 Best Camera Phone 2017

  1. The OnePlus 5T
This camera phone has a telephoto lens as the secondary shooter. The new lens will help to capture better shots. The front camera shooter can work similarly to the main rear camera and it will create absolutely wonderful camera photography.
  1. HTC U11 Life
The rear camera has 16-megapixel quality. The impressive front camera can take pictures with 16-megapixel quality as well. This is a good camera phone that is offered at affordable rates.
  1. AT&T-exclusive ZTE Axon M
The amazing thing about this camera phone is the unique foldable phone that has a screen on both sides. That makes this phone awesome for it has on lense for both front and back camera. It has 20  megapixel camera quality.
  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
This is a smart camera phone that has futuristic features. It is equipped with the object recognition. The phone can thus recognize certain scenes and change the parameters for the best exposure. This phone is unimaginably awesome.
  1. iPhone X
The rear telephoto lens has f/2.4 vs. f/2.8 on the 8 Plus features which are wider. Besides, the lenses on the back of the phone have a wonderful features of optical image stabilization that enables users to take steadier photos.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
We do not need to question Samsung because of the reputable cameras and other camera phone features. HDR-like feature in this phone creates better contrast and colors.
  1. LG G 6
This camera phone is a perfect choice for landscape photography.

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