Top 10 Best Smartphone in 2016

What are the Criteria for the Best Smartphone?

The best smartphones depend on some criteria. Each person will usually pick different phones based on their requirements. Therefore, people should actually see what they need instead what they want from a smartphone.

best smartphone

The manufacturers campaign the ads in a very dramatic way. Only those who are listed as expensive superstars can be the icon of high-class smartphones. That is for improving the class of a smartphone. People will see the image of the phones through the advertisement stars and icons. Besides, we will be able to grab the class of a smartphone by the advertisement quality.

Through the advertisements, people can see clearly whether a smartphone is launched for business runners, fun lovers, or commoners. The best smartphone in the world comes from different brands because there is no single brand that can fulfill all the world’s requirements on the best smartphones. The best smartphone is listed in many online gadget blogs and specialists. Let’s check the lists to get which one is the best for us.

       1. iPhone X

This is one of the best smartphone with the most advanced features. The iPhone 8 Plus competes well with this X series. However, for those who admire styles, iPhone X is a good option.

       2. Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone is the king. However, those who prefer to have Android can have Samsung Galaxy S8 with almost similar features. This smartphone is reviewed to have amazing design that is almost perfect.
  1. Google Pixel 2 XL
We can say that this is the best smartphone with the camera as the most standout specification. It is the most incredible camera smartphones. People can have it for professional photography tasks. Commoners will love it since it will give them wonderful selfies.
  1. Oneplus 5T
It is the type of phone that is underestimated. However, it has the features of excellent smartphones. Even, it has fingerprint sensors that work fast. The design is genuine and elegant as well.
  1. iPhone 8 Plus
It the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Besides the brilliant smartphones, we can enjoy easy and fast work. Those who are looking for a premium phone with spectacular functions.
  1. HTC U 11
This is the best smartphone for youngsters. This is so because it has the best features to play music. The appearance is so elegant with sexy metal and glass materials. It is a good pick for music lovers. 
  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
The best feature of this smartphone is the mobile PC experience. As users hook it up to the external device, they will see that this smartphone is totally useful and smart.
  1. LG G6
For those who admire smartphone photography, this is just the best phone to get.
  1. Honor 9
 We should buy this smartphone for the great price and excellent design.

1          10.   iPhone SE

Sometimes, the best smartphone is not based on the size. This iPhone SE is a good choice for those who do not admire big smartphones.

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