What Makes Android and Windows Phone Different?

Windows Phone, the New Comer

Today, we have several options for technology in smartphones and Windows phone is a brilliant alternative. It is a natural thing that there will always be competition in one demanding product. Besides, there are no perfect systems for smartphones that can answer all needs. Therefore, it will be good to have some options to pick.

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Technology makes human civilization development runs on the better track. Besides, the fast communication systems that are developed with different technology makes our world more connected. With rapid and smooth connections, it will be easier to handle various tasks in business.
Today, we have at least three systems of the technology of smartphones. We can easily handle various tasks in cool applications with iPhone. Besides, the king of the smartphone is with Android system. We can also get smartphones with iOS technology for other different functions.

The latest technology is from Microsoft. Windows has been part of our lives and perhaps the entire universe computing systems. And finally, Windows touches the area of communication. This is important because we can never use cellphone separately with computers. There are many tasks that are interconnected. Therefore, we need to know actually the specialties of Windows phone so we can decide to take the smartphones or not.

What Makes Android and Windows Phone Different?

Honestly, Windows phone is a new and not so popular phone. Besides, most users underestimate it because of the new system. Windows phone has a very brand new UI with life tiles. Besides, it has live folders that will record changes. We can get updates all the time on this phone.

Additionally, it features closed source. Therefore, there will be some limitations. When compared to Android phones, this Windows phone might look so limited. However, the security is awesome. This phone is hard to hack. So, those who need to use a smartphone with excellent security will love this smartphone.

What about the applications? Android is still the winner. In Android systems, users can easily download the applications and use them all. In Windows phone, only limited applications are available. However, all important applications will be accessible. Only very few popular applications are unavailable. For instance, Snapchat is not functioning in Windows phones.

The excellent thing about Windows phone is the very fast working system. We will be crazy as our Android phone runs so slowly. As we install many applications, our Android phone will start to slow down. With Windows phone, our tasks will be completed fast as the OS is very fast. Even, we do not have to use 1 Gb RAM. With 512 MB RAM with applications will still run fast. With Android phone, we will get stressed if we have less 2 GB RAM.

We can read the further reviews of the different features of Windows phone through the official sites. It is not bad to pick this phones if we want a smartphone with fast systems. Besides, it is a recommended phone for people who need to make sure that they are using a super excellent security.

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