Which is Better? Windows, iOS Phone or iPhone?

Windows, iOS Phone vs iPhone

When we enter a smartphone store, we will be puzzled whether to choose windows, iOS phone vs iPhone. Each OS in those smartphones will give different benefits. All of them have plus positive points for various uses. However, there will be also weaknesses in each product. Therefore, it is good if we check the quality of the three systems of smartphones.

windows, iOS phone vs iPhone

Today, using a smartphone means to simplify our life. We do not even have to buy other electronic devices as we get one perfect smartphone for our needs. However, if we choose the wrong smartphones, we will be in troubles. Some phones are created especially for business. So, those who admire entertainment through smartphones should not choose that one. Now, in order to get the best phones for our tailor requirements, we have to learn about the difference. From the reviews, we will be able to draw a conclusion to find our the better phone for us.

Which better? Windows, iOS Phone or iPhone?

The Price

First of all, we have to see them based on the price. The highest price is always for iPhone. This is the phone that is considered so fashionable. Therefore, it has a fancy design, cool materials, and of course excellent technology. We can always get the cheapest price for each brand of smartphone. Yet, the cheap series are some products with many weaknesses compared to the latest series that are offered with high rates. Meanwhile, iOS phone will be cheaper if compared to iPhone. Windows phone is also cheaper compared to iPhone smartphones. If we are choosing the phones based on the best rate, Android or iOS phones are the better.

The Applications

PlayStore has more applications compared to the Apple Store. However, numbers can never determine the quality of applications. Besides, users will not use all applications that they see in the store. Both stores have useful applications as well. However, new applications will usually land on PlayStore first. This is so because developers target Android prior iPhone. Additionally, the number of free apps are more in PlayStore. The numbers of applications running on the windows phone are also limited. So, the winner of this application battle is still the iOS phones.

The Battery

This is one of the essential factors of a good smartphone. For this essential factor, the winner is still iOS. This is so because if we compare windows, iOS phone vs iPhone with the same price, iOS smartphones have the longest battery life.

Updates and Accessibilities

Sometimes, users are annoyed with updates because they feel that their smartphones work just fine without updates. However, frequent updates mean a lot for those who need to use better work of smartphones for business and other essential tasks. For this purpose, the winner is still iOS.

Meanwhile, the accessibilities for all windows, iOS phone vs iPhone are awesome. However, the simplicity and easy accessibilities are the best in iOS smartphones. We can conclude that the iOS is the winner for all factors.

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